+A Wayfaring Writer's Wanderlust: I Can't Write


I had started a blog post a long while ago about returning home from my trip to Texas and California to move into a new apartment – but it got lost in Lamictal-induced lack of creativity. Everything seems to get lost in that lately. I have a novel to write, a blog to keep up with, and several crafts I’m working on – but psychiatric meds have a way of zapping your creativity and motivation until it is completely gone. It bothers me because I am a writer. I have been writing since I was twelve. All of my hopes and dreams for the future and the present include writing. And what’s most unfortunate is that when I can write, I’m good at it. There are few things more devastating than no longer being able to pursue your talent.


…my life is going to hell rn. Does anyone know anyone around Austin, Anaheim, or New York City who is looking for a roommate? I don’t have a lot of money right now. But starting at the end of June, I am going to need somewhere to stay until I get on my own two feet. I am desperate. I am in constant terror and I can’t live like this anymore. I need to be somewhere safe, in an area I am either familiar with or know people in, and to know that the world is not going to drop out from under me at any second. I am stuck in a terrible, hopeless place where I can’t even fend for myself and all I want is a damn shot at life. I swear to god, if anyone can help me, I will pay you back however I can as soon as I can.

+A Wayfaring Writer's Wanderlust


It’s going to be impossible to keep everyone who wants updated on my trip updated, so, I’m just going to post everything about my trip here next month.

I’m writing!!! (…and this will last until I have another coughing fit and resume just watching movies.)

I actually had time to write this weekend…but then I got ridiculously sick. And I’m still sick. This sucks.

Okay, okay, I’m working on Arr.

+Fanfic Commissions


I will now be doing fanfic commissions, for anyone who is interested in my writing beyond three sentence fics. (Those will still be totally free.)
I may or may not be saving money to one day run away and start a new life.
If you enjoy my writing but don’t want a personalized story, feel free to please reblog and spread the word.
You can see samples of my writing here.

Arrhythmia is now available to read on AO3!


Fandom: Pitch Perfect
Pairing: Triple Treble
Genre: Romance|Tragedy
Rating: M
Summary: When Chloe drags Aubrey to Beca’s and Jesse’s wedding, what is meant to be a relaxing vacation turns into something no one could have expected.
Part 1/3: She has a thing for sappy romance movies; the cliche kind where people tearfully declare their love then kiss in the pouring rain. They make her wonder if love is really as intense as it looks and, if it is, what it will feel like when someone knocks the wind out of her one day.

FF | AO3

Anonymous said: If I could prove myself worthy...will you marry me? Your imagination and intelligence is so incredible, such a turn on!


Anonymous said: Great chapter! When do you think you'll update again?

Soon, I hope!